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А ROSE, two GLASSES of Rosé – A FEAST from 117 years

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By George Ganchev – Hedonique, Founder of Wine & Food Society

for Beyond Taste, Oltre Il Gusto – Magazine

Photo Copyright:  Rosé Wine ExpoWine & Food Society

31 May – 2 June – Kazanlak

One rose, two roses, three roses – beauty; fragrance; a bouquet, at home or handed to a friend. Now imagine fields of roses, waves of fragrances and landscapes with beauties, handed by God to the people. This is the Valley of the Roses in Bulgaria or the Valley of the Thracian Kings, as it was understood from the modern archeology. You could read about the Thracians in „Iliad” and „Odyssey” of Homer, but where and how have lived their kings, you could see and feel only here. This is a horse /the fighters in those times/ people, for whose origin there are many versions: dated more than 8 000 years, the last genetic analyses demonstrated 90% match with the genes of the modern Bulgarians………Indisputable are the cult of the wine, as it is seen from the found gold vessels, and the cult of Orpheus… In their lands in the Middle Ages / there are different versions / has been transferred the Damask Rose – Rosa Damascena, from whose generations has been created a separate subspecies – the Kazanlak Rose, Rosa Kazanlika V. T. Kazanlak is the modern capital of the Rose valley, and the Thracian Sevtopolis is located at the bottom of a lake, an emanation of the “wild” socialist construction, 8 km from the city. Here you can find all possible dishes from river fish, cooked great in the restaurants around the lake. As an indirect evidence for the genetic similarities between the Thracians / Orpheus / and the modern Bulgarians 117 years ago has been organized the first official celebration of the picking. A mystery that happens with the first rays of the sun, for which arrive guests from all over the planet. To become priests of the feast of perceptions, that befell the Rose –picker, to the ritual join Frenchmen, Germans, Britons, Italians and especially Japanese, who fly halfway around the world to be in this place at this time. Perhaps the genes are answered and Mrs. Anna Dundakov, who in 2010 organized the first edition of Rosé Wine Expo in Kazanlak, adding to the magic of the Queen of the Flowers that of the wine. Worldwide are organized forums of Rosé, including world ones, but nowhere Rosé doesn’t drink among fields of roses. Rosé Wine Expo – Kazanlak is the only one on the Balkans Wine Festival for Rosé. This is three-day wine fiesta in the spirit of Thracian mysteries with a lots of music, poetry and painting. Elite and Kraft wines, technological innovations and old practices and traditions, large and small wineries, well-established and wine-makers from all wine regions of Bulgaria. Every year from May 31 to June 2 is the National Competition for the Best Rosé Wine of Bulgaria “Golden Killix” and an annual meeting of wine judges, experts, journalists and designers, fashion coffees and visual artists. It left much to describe, but there is no way to tell what is happening. It can only be experienced. Rosé Wine Expo has all chances to become a global celebration of Rosé, the Festival of the Rose in Kazanlak is.

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