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Article By:  Publisher & Journalist Margaux Cintrano

Margaux:   Where were you born and raised ?

Maurizio:  I was born in Arona,  on  Lago Maggiore in the Piedmont Region ..

Margaux:  Who is Maurizio Pelli ?

Maurizio:  I am a former  businessman who has been  retired in Dubai since 1999,  and a frequent traveler to my home land, Italy for business  and pleasure, I am presently a penning author, private chef and Italian Cuisine consultant for passion and pleasure.

Margaux:  The Book:   Fettucccine Alfredo, Spaghetti Bolognaise & Caesar Salad, The Triumph of the World´s  False Italian Cuisine:  Tell us, what or who inspired you to pen such an amazing book?

Maurizio:   After travelling  around the world for many decades,  as a businessman,  I was put into a position where I had to eat in the “supposed to be” Italian restaurants abroad. 99% of those restaurants are not Italian at all,  and maybe they are Italian sounding to attract customers, however,  surely not, what we consider authentic traditional  Italian dishes and specialties. For this reason I wrote this book, dedicated to foreigners who like our cuisine but don’t know what  is really  authentic Italian cuisine and to  defend my viewpoints from the aggression of   forgers, falsifiers, and those mystifed by our wonderful cuisine,  alimentary products and specialties. The book in paperback is in English only and not in Italian. The English paperback and all the E-Book versions and Kindle are in  English and Italian and are available on:  Amazon. Furthermore, The English paperback and all the E-Book versions  including Kindle are also available  in Italian and English on my website at a special discount:  www.the  .. Note, my new book to be published shortly, shall be on sale in the same manner.

Margaux:  With the goals to promote the true authentic classic Italian regional cuisines, you are an advisot to the Italian Cuisine World  Summit in Dubai.  Please tell us more about this ?

Maurizio:   After winning the award for my book during the “Italian Cuisine World Summit” in 2013, I have become an active part of both the Summit and the “Italian Cuisine in the World Forum” and  from 2014,  I have been collaborating with these international organisations. Since 2017,  I am amongst  the founding members of the ICWF “Italian Cuisine World Foundation”  in  which we have asked Unesco for intangible heritage for  Italian cuisine abroad during The Expo 2015 in Milan.  This has been  the must quintessential  starting point of the Italian cuisine promoting globally.

Margaux:   Tell us about your new book almost ready to be published ..

Maurizio:  Unfortunately my  new book is suffering a  delay, and I hope it shall  be on the market soon! It Is totally different from my 1st  book-   It’s about my ‘Dubai’s Deluxe Dinner Party’ as a Private chef in Dubai. The craziness, demanding and extravagant dinners of the elite cosmopolitan Dubai´s affluent and  rich residents and expats. A behind-the-scenes vision of the hidden Dubai gastronomic  oriented and passionate culinary dining  custumers and their gourmand palates.

Margaux:   What would you recommend to a young man or young woman who wanted to pursue a career in the culinary arts ?

Maurizio:   To be ready to demonstrate their  personalities and learnt skills to date. To be authentic and not to follow fads or  the fashion of the moment,  and never ever copy somebody already famous but create your own style.

Margaux:  It has been stated worldwide, that “we eat with our eyes” .. What are your viewpoints on the art of plating ?  Do you have a style ?  Which are your color preferences ? Which tools do you use ?   What do you deem as necessary in a successfully presented plate ?

Maurizio: This, for me  is a controversial viewpoint especially regarding Italian dishes. Our specialties have evolved from  centuries ago  and they have reached the beauty naturally  without forced makeup. This does not mean that they can not be visually or  more attractive as long as they do not overwhelm the soul of the dish.  Especially regarding the italian regional cuisine, as  it is not possible to add something that is not territorially compatible. The plating already has changed in last few years,  and the portions are smaller and more easy to plate with style. The favourite colours of our dishes are always,  the ones of our  national flag: red, white and green! I employ  the same tools like any other chef:  Forks, rings and sac a poche! Every plate is different, and successfully food designed  plates to me are the ones which reach their beauty naturally by themselves,  like a beautiful woman !

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