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By:  Publisher Margaux Cintrano

Photo Copyright:   Restaurant Aponiente, El Puerto de Santa Maria, Cádiz.

Riding the crest of the waves with a totally evolutionary vanguard cuisine offering an experience, he entitles “calm gastronomy” is one of a kind Chef Ángel León.

At his Puerto de Santa Maria Restaurant Aponiente, Chef Ángel has conjured up an epicurism with the enchantment of the world under the sea. He has proven himself a master investigator of Plankton, marine lettuces and algaes, which he filters in his own concoctions and gastronomic gadgets.  Additionally, he is an expert in fish, shellfish and seafoods and their preparation.  Furthermore, he invented Clarimax for clarifying liquid ingredients to create transparent consommés and utilises olive pits in place of carbon for braising, grilling an barbecuing on open flame.

Chef León´s  pure Andalucian hedonism has brought him uncountable awards at Madrid Fusion and on  Canal Cocina T.V. His father, a medical doctor and researcher coupled with his medical doctor mother have instilled in him the investigative nature he possesses.

Back in 2010, his research project at the University of Cádiz derived in the development of the state of the art Clarimax, a kitchen machine constructed by JP SELECTA, in  Barcelona.  Whether coaching, cooking, or fishing,  Chef Ángel is detailed oriented and a perfectionist. His inspiration, inventiveness and “the product” culinary philosophy has enabled him to dazzle diners with his dramatically provocative presentations at your table. His extraordinary vanguard culinary methodology, unique fresh sustainable or bio ingredients and his enrapturing touches from his home land all provide the most incredible dining experience one can ever have in Cádiz,  Andalusia ..


Margaux:   Culinary Philosophy ?

A.L.     The product and no chemicals.  I specialise in the natural.

Margaux:   Who had been or were your mentors ?

A.L.   The late Chef Joël  Robuchon at the Three Michelin Star Restaurant L´ Atelier, Paris, where I worked for seven years and for three years,  at La Casa de Templo, in Toledo where I was learning about the historic roots of Spanish Culture including the Sefardic Epicurism  and the Moorish Arabic Cuisines.

Margaux:   The Sea ?

A.L.   I have always had an obsession with the sea and I enjoy fishing with my dad, cleaning, slicing and preparing fish, shellfish and seafoods of all types.

Margaux:  Do you fish for your Restaurant Aponiente ?

A.L.  Yes I do, however, I am also very community minded and I coach crews on ships and small fishing vessels who are working for 15 Euros hourly.  I have taken 30 day fishing excursions bringing in 50 tons of wild fresh fish. I have also wanted to mention, that  have sourced fish in Cádiz for 4 Euros a kilo, and in The Madrid Capital, these species could sell for 20 to 40 Euros a kilo.

Margaux:  I believe you would do quite well in politics !  What exactly are you doing with Plankton ?

A.L.   Firstly, Plankton groves or plantations. I filter 17.000 litres of water.  The Omega 3 content is the most numerous of all edible species and / or plant life.  Plankton is the cellular origin of all.

Margaux:   Do you have any research investigation projects scheduled for 2019 – 2020 ?

A.L.  I have been in the process of a joint venture, in which we are collaborating on a baby foodline with a Japanese Manufacturer.

Margaux:  And your dream trip ?

A.L.  To lose myself in the Alaskan Arctic Coast on a boat.

Margaux:  Tell us about one of your books.

A.L.  My first book,  MAR CONTRA CORRIENTE,  which signifies THE SEA AGAINST THE CURRENT, was not a run of the mill recipe book.  This is a book that came from passion and fully living up to the challenges of the title.

Margaux:  Tell us about your 1st recipe ..

A.L.  My first recipe prepared at home was a caramel custard dessert. My mother was livid with me about the tremendous mess I made in her kitchen.  I was sort of a “Dennis the Menace”  !

Margaux:  Last but not least, music in the kitchen while working ?

Ángel:  Yes, instrumental Jazz and instrumental Flamenco. “I am also a believer in the stillness, is the power” ..


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