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Salvador DALI or Wine & Food SOLUTIONS

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The Spanish bark in … innovations

Photo Copyright: Felicie Inc, Elbulli Fundacion Restaurantes, Wine & Food Society

Everybody knows the name of Salvador Dalí. Yet, a select few are aware that apart from his surrealist paintings that have conquered the world, he is also the author of two culinary books: “Les Dîners de Gala” and “Wines of Gala”. The titles are not a tribute to the Bulgarian talk-show host, but to Dalí’s wife and lifetime muse. For every Spaniard food and wine are essential elements of existence, only this time it is an existence seen from a surrealist perspective. As told by the author himself, “Les Dîners de Gala” fulfills the dream of a very young Dalí, who at the age of 6 wanted to become a cook. The book was published in 1973, when Daly himself was 68. The illustrations reflect his typical taste for the absurd, while the accompanying 150 recipes had been cherry-picked by the top chefs of Paris. Four years later, “Wines of Gala” came out as a sequel to his previous book… And now we have Ferran Adrià, another Spaniard, or as he is often called – Salvador Dalí of molecular gastronomy… But maybe some further information is called for: at the end of 20 c. the French scientist Hervé This decided to find the cross-point between cuisine, chemistry and physics decomposing foods to their molecules so that he can experiment with their different ingredients. From mid-90s Ferran Adrià started a real revolution in high gastronomy. His restaurant el Bulli, which used to be in Girona, Catalonia, held three Michelin stars and on several occasions has been ranked “Best restaurant in the world” by the UK magazine Restaurant. Unfortunately, “el Bulli”, which received more than 2 million bookings per year, closed down in 2011. The new culinary laboratory will be called el Bulli 1846 and is expected to open this summer. Just a hundred kilometers from there, in Barcelona, Xavier Palomar makes accessible to Bulgaria and the Balkans the newest technology of BioSystems called Еnology – a revolutionary method of wine and food analysis, which is much faster and economically efficient than the currently available solutions.

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