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    Become Оne of Us and feel hailed at Оur Table, where you will achieve gourmet inspirations by …

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    To walk through the vestibule and share with us your full enjoyment of these feasts of perceptions, just do three simple steps…



    In our ”La salle à manger”  we organize Wine & Food Society Ferme Tastings, acquainting you with the selections of wines and foods, which are accessible to you through this site…


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    In our ”Salon for connoisseurs” especially for you, who want to get to know the depths of the matter, Wine & Food Society organizes LIAISON – an insight into the secrets of wine, food, culinary, sommelier creations, seasoned with guidances of etiquette and lifestyle, a lot of history and funny stories in the property concierge of Lubomir Miltchev – DANDY.

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    Dear culinary lovers and professionals around the world, in ”The the Kitchen” of Wine & Food Society you will meet the sweet-tasted culinary adventures of our hero – Mr. Chef Gourmet, including recipes from the XIX century to the present days, dishes, cooking techniques as: drying, marinating, roasting, baking … , and everything that touches the pleasure of tasting. 

  • The Sommelier

    Here with The Founder of Wine & Food Society Bulgaria Mr. George Ganchev , we are talking…


    In The Wine Cellar

    In the wine cellar are those bottles of wine, which we have selected especially for you from wine producers from around the world and which are available through this website.


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    In the cellar are sorted the foods, which we select for you from producers from all over the world and are available for you through this website. .


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