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The Motto of  Wine & Food Society’s Selection 

Uniqueness & Quality


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In the wine cellar are those bottles of wine, which we have selected especially for you from wineproducers from around the world and which

are available through this website.

The Wine & Food Society’s Selection includes unique wines, which you couldn’t find in any store all around the world. You will have the possibility

to enjoy them at the Fermé Tastings of Wine & Food Society , which are held for Sofia in Arena di Serdica Residence Hotel.

A votre santé!


White wines                              Rosé                              Red wines



In The Cellar you will find the suitable products for the wine, you’ve already chosen, and at Chef Gourmet – the recipe for

their cooking.

Voila …

To receive an invitation for the Fermé Tastings of Wine & Food Society you have to: become a Member of the Wine & Food Society; Register yourself at this website or Join the group of Wine & Food Society in Facebook for this country.

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