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at etho’s Restaurant & Lounge on  Phuket Island ..

Article By:  Publisher & Journalist Margaux Cintrano

Photo Copyright: etho’s Restaurant & Lounge, Wuttisak Wuttiamporn, Visions Gourmandes

Chef Wuttisak Wuttiamporn was born and raised in the Tak Province in north western Thailand, bordering the frontier of Myanmar (Burma), 426 kilometres north of Bangkok.
Tak, a province steeped in ancient history, was built over 2,000 years ago and reached its peak at the beginning of the 1st century.
Thai Food Designer, Wuttisak Wuttiamporn´s culinary philosophy, is all about, the balancing of beautiful natural, fresh ingredients in which he creates an enjoyable and unsurpassed dining experience on the island of Phuket.

MARGAUX: Tell us about who or what inspired you to study the culinary arts ?
WUTTI: What has inspired me most, was a Magazine interview, on Chef Rene Redzepi and an interview on Chef Grant Achatz. MARGAUX: At the moment, what do you deem as the most important creative forms of food design ..
WUTTI: Shapes and Colours.

MARGAUX: Spring is a very special time of year. Tell us about what products, do you have ready available that you implement into your dishes ..
WUTTI: Fresh ingredients from the land and the sea and the employing of wild local flower varieties. With a tropical climate, fertile soil, and plentiful water, Phuket Island can grow uncountable floral varieties. At this time, Thailand is the 2nd largest exporter of orchids. Furthermore, both Phuket Island and Thailand´s mainland have diverse geographical features, from the highlands in the north and the river delta tropical lands in the south.

MARGAUX: If money were no problem, and you could travel to the land of your dreams for gastronomic research, and staging, where would you like to travel to and why ?
WUTTI: Money is not problem, however, my work keeps me up to my ears in “busy” . My dream or passion is going to all the local areas of Thailand, to learn more about the indigenious ingredients and how to develop and incorporate them into my menus.

MARGAUX: What is your culinary philosophy ?
WUTTI: My culinary philosophy is all about the balancing of beautiful, natural ingredients and creating an enjoyable, unforgettable and unsurpassed dining experience.

MARGAUX: What qualities are necessary to be successful in the restaurant business and what do you find most challenging ? Most rewarding ?
WUTTI: Keeping and obtaining the quality standards with providing Value for Money.

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