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By: Journalist Margaux A. Cintrano
Photos & Photo Copyright: Gigi Montali, Emanuela Marinello, Denis Beggi, Cecilia Lanzani, Hotel Monaco & Grand Canal – Venice

Margaux: Where were you born and raised?
Fausto: I was born in Colorno in the province of Parma where I grew up and I currently live.
Margaux: Which and who were the catalysts that inspired your interest in the food and wine sector?
Fausto: The catalyst was basically my grandfather who produced “culatelli”. I didn’t want to produce it, but since Gabriele D’Annunzio thanked him for being the King of Italian charcuterie, one day, I resumed producing culatelli, in a very limited quantity: 200 pieces per year! Who produces culatelli does not produce less than 5000 pieces a year. From that point on, my experience in the field of gastronomy had begun at the highest level, with my friends and contacts, of international importance.
Margaux: Tell us about the creation of Extraordinary Food & Wine Venezia event.
Fausto: The event was born for the need to stand out in the eno gastronomic field from the mass of exhibitors
and the existing fairs in the sector. We have created a unique and elegant event, where exhibitors have been able to communicate with people interested in their products, without rush in an enchantingly harmonious setting, creating a privileged relationship, without neglecting the artistic side, since I consider the art producers themselves not just food or wine.
Margaux: Why the choice of Ca Zanardi, an 18th century Venetian palace for the Extraordinary Food & Wine event in 2018 and The Hotel Monaco, Grand Canal, San Marco in 2019 and 2020 ?
Fausto: Firstly, I chose Venice and in particular Ca ‘Zanardi because it has been the home to the art collateral of the Venice Biennale of which I am the director. I wanted a unique and elegant location in the heart of the most beautiful city in the world like the to exhibit some of the best products in the world. Due to the non central location, I had decided in 2019, to have a more central and easily accessible location, yet maintaining the enigmatic, enchantment of Renaissance Venice right on the Grand Canal, and its fascinating surroundings.
Margaux: Tell us about your dreams, your food and wine projects and the journey you want to take.
Fausto: I do not live by dreams alone, however, from reality for which the project shall continue, to go on with more and more selected products, I am also, considering to present Extraordinary around the world to make it clear that good food and wine is an art.
Margaux: Are you going to publish any books in the near future?
Fausto: I published a book 20 years ago: “The Design of Taste in the Taste of Design”, an absolute and unique thing that spoke of the quintessence of marketing, presented also in London, so even today it is a must read for the sector, and maybe I shall write another one. All is possible we’ll see!
Margaux: When is the 2020 Extraordinary Food & Wine Event?
Fausto: January 19th, 20th and 21st, we shall be celebrating our 3rd Anniversary Edition of Extraordinary Food & Wine at the Hotel Monaco, Grand Canal, San Marco.
Margaux: Last but not least, could you tell us what you do professionally?
Fausto: Professionally I work in strategic marketing around the world and I am an artist and I have am exhibited my works all over the world. I have dedicated books, magazine articles and presented uncountable artworks in galleries and museums and additionally have been awarded amongst the 50 most important photographers in the world. I am the director of the collateral of the Venice Biennale and much more.
Thank you very much.

Publisher Margaux Cintrano of Beyond Taste, Oltre il Gusto Magazine

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